Metallicgear Neo Micro ATX Mid-Tower Chassis Review

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Looking at the back side a little more in depth and you will see the inline HDD caddie, and the hidden CPU PSU extension cable, with its own cable management channel. The latter is a nice detail, and it’s held in place with some small velcro cable ties.

The area behind the HDD caddie is where the PSU will be installed, and the space is adequate to good, though longer PSU’s will struggle to be a comfortable fit if you keep the HDD caddie installed. The usual amount and type of cables are included, as well as the cabling for the lighting. 

The front panel is plastic and has a decent amount of vent holes on each side, though some are taken up by the IO. We have left the accessories box in place so you can see the orientation of the HDD’s once installed. There’s a small lighting connector at the front as well. The HDD’s slide in and out from the front, so the front panel will need to be removed each time for access.

Metallicgear Neo Micro ATX Mid-Tower Chassis

Packaging - 7
Features - 8.2
Build - 8.2
Component Compatibility - 7.5
Consumer Experience - 7.5


This chassis is a well thought out chassis, with built-in cable management, rather than it being an afterthought. With dual tempered glass doors, you can also get a lot of lighting out of it, and it has a good few options for airflow in the main section of the chassis, helping cool the motherboard, CPU and memory, graphics card and anything else you want to install.

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