Metallicgear Neo Micro ATX Mid-Tower Chassis Review

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There’s no real dust filter on the front fan, though the front panel vents have mesh over them. This will help with airflow, but dust may be an issue further down the line. It will give you a good excuse to open your rig and clean it all though. 

The front panel clips into place, using some good sized fasteners, and it solid enough, and not too hard to remove if required.

Metallicgear Neo Micro ATX Mid-Tower Chassis Review

The accessories are limited to screws, headers and some welcome cable ties. At this price point, you cannot expect anything else, and it’s all you need to get you going and still be able to cable manage once your system is up and running. 

The stripped down chassis is good for access and modding, and installing fans and/or radiators where possible.

Metallicgear Neo Micro ATX Mid-Tower Chassis

Packaging - 7
Features - 8.2
Build - 8.2
Component Compatibility - 7.5
Consumer Experience - 7.5


This chassis is a well thought out chassis, with built-in cable management, rather than it being an afterthought. With dual tempered glass doors, you can also get a lot of lighting out of it, and it has a good few options for airflow in the main section of the chassis, helping cool the motherboard, CPU and memory, graphics card and anything else you want to install.

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