Overall Score 3.9  

Packaging & Contents

We’ve skipped the usual packaging shots, it was the usual brown cardboard box and hard polystyrene protection. It’s on the cheaper side of packaging, but in all fairness to Metallicgear, the Neo arrived in perfect condition, glass panels intact and everything buttoned down and nothing loose in the chassis.

Metallicgear Neo Micro ATX Mid-Tower Chassis Review

The Metallicgear Neo Micro ATX Mid-Tower Chassis has a patterned effect at the base of the glass panels to defuse the lower parts of the chassis, hiding cables etc. The side panels are held in place by four thumbscrews, which sit in mini captive nuts and have some rubber to insulate them from vibration and touching the glass panels. 

The metal top panel has nicely rounded edges, making the Metallicgear Neo feel sturdy, even without components installed. There is a power and LED switch on the top, denoted by a clear sticker. A little cheap, but also an opportunity to remove it if you want a minimalist look. The chassis also comes in silver and retains the dark tempered glass and black internal chassis. 

Component Compatibility
Consumer Experience