Overall Score 4.2  

It is a nice looking card with a diamond pattern embossed into the top surface. It is nice in certain lights and breaks up the top surface of the card. The back plate has a lot of holes for extra airflow, and just like the top, is a bit of a finger print magnet.

Dual fans sit over a cool looking aluminium and copper heatsink. In certain lights and with the fans spinning, this looks high quality and solid.

The card looks a little top heavy from certain angles due to the lack of cowling usually installed on graphics cards these days, though it may help relieve airflow issues in certain conditions.

Four and six pin power connectors are required, XFX supply the customary adapters in their bundle. XFX recommend a minimum of 700W PSU to power this card, we used a 730W in our tests without issue.

We thought the copper pipe detail at the back of the card was one of its best angles, gorgeous.


We had some quality issues with this card however, the bent fin on the black heatsink, some marks on the protective plastic back plate protection, and some minor crush damage on the cardboard box. We are being picky, but we got the impression this was packed in a hurry.

Consumer Experience