Overall Score 4.2  

Test Set Up

All updates to the Operating System, games and Synthetic benchmarks are assumed and a full defrag on the SSD after a fresh install before any benchies are carried out. Today we are using the Release Version 15.15 AMD Catalyst drivers for all tests which are the latest WHQL drivers at the time of writing.

Driver settings used for synthetic and gaming tests.

Sound Performance

We tested the sound performance at idle and during heavy load. We used a certified Db meter at 15 inches range.

XFX Radeon R9 390X Black Edition Graphics Card 8GB Sound Test

It is important to note we used the MicroCool Banchetto 101 Chassis for testing which is an open chassis. This means you are hearing the graphics card cooling fans unobstructed. So 35.9 Db idle and 42 Db under load are good results but the MSI GTX 970 GAMING Twin Frozr V is the best card under load. At idle, the XFX Radeon R9 390X is whisper quiet.

Synthetic Tests

  • AIDA64 Extreme
  • 3DMark
  • Unigine Heaven 4.0

Real World Tests

  • Battlefield 4
  • Crysis 3
  • Far Cry 3
  • Watch_Dogs

Testing Methodology

All synthetic tests are carried out three times with the best result taken. All gaming tests are carried out three times with the best results taken. All game tests, multi player or otherwise, are carried out three times with the best average taken. If the game is an online multi player, the same map is used each time and a ping constantly under 40ms is required before a test is valid.

Synthetic Results

We have put the R9 390X up against the Sapphire Radeon R9 290X Vapor-X Tri-X and the MSI GTX 970 GAMING Twin Frozr V with some interesting results.

XFX Radeon R9 390X DD Graphics Card 8GB AIDA64 GPU Benchmark

Memory Read and Write are pretty flat across the board but the Radeon’s walk away with Memory Copy with the R9 390X ahead of the R9 290X card.

Consumer Experience