Overall Score 4.2  

Gaming results next and Battlefield 4 up first. For all gaming results we maxxed the driver settings and the game settings.


R9 390X Review - BF4 | amCharts

With Battlefield 4 it is all similar performance from all three cards. Memory does not seem to have an impact on Battlefield 4 performance for the Team Death match map we use and out ping was consistently between 18 and 25ms per round.

R9 390X Review - Cry3 | amCharts

Crysis 3 results show excellent performance gains over the Sapphire Radeon R9 290X Vapor-X Tri-X which struggle to cope with Ultra detail levels and maxxed out driver settings. The GTX970 performed much better but the R9 390x plays very smoothly and there was little in the way of stuttering or frame drops.

To achieve over 80 FPS and never dropping below 30 FPS on these settings with a i5-4670K on an mITX motherboard is stunning, more please!

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